Customer Service Auditing

The thought of conducting customer service auditing may seem like an unnecessary task. The truth is, audits are a great way to determine how best to enhance your customer service operations. The goal of an audit is to gather data to identify gaps within your operations, and use it to make corrections in any potential gaps.

Through methodical examination, audits allow businesses to identify areas of improvement and the opportunity to take necessary steps to put strategies and structural changes in place. With research that goes above and beyond, G & I Management Services helps clients set new standards of excellence, instead of the typical off-the-shelf solutions often used by other companies.

In today’s world of business, the only sustainable competitive advantage is primarily based on successfully satisfying customers thoroughly. Audits help companies generate awareness of improvements that can be made within their customer service operations. They drive the necessary accountability and push for positive changes by providing an honest look into your organization’s weaknesses and strengths.

Research shows that very few companies have a well-developed and coherent customer satisfaction process linked to operating strategies. When dealing with competitive markets, you need innovative solutions and precise end results. G & I Management Services helps you take action with confidence, by providing professional customer directed audits that ultimately help you make right business decisions.

Depending on your needs, these precisely focused audits can look for new opportunities or preexisting weaknesses. Have you ever wanted to hear the actual phone interactions between your operators and customers without endless hours of randomly listening in? Now is your chance.

  • Customer Service Call Evaluations
  • Accessible Recorded Audio Files
  • Full Analytics Reports
  • Call Tracking Reports
  • Scorecard Reports
  • Targeted Call Scripts

A successful audit helps you reach your desired business objectives. At G & I Management Services, our team of professionally trained auditing experts help you identify your organization's areas of opportunities to better manage customer retention and maximize customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your free assessment and introduction to our proven customer service auditing solutions!